Owner, Diane Knutson was featured in NewsCenter1 about springing into fitness.

The secret of making fitness a lifestyle is by setting realistic goals. People make the mistake of doing too much too soon, where eventually a burn out is bound to happen. You only need to work out around three times a week. Keep in mind, it is essential to take baby steps towards fitting your favorite pair of jeans again. Otherwise, you could find yourself right back where you started.

“We need rest and recovery days, just as much as we need workout days. That way your body repairs and builds stronger,” Knutson says.

You cannot rely on exercise while maintaining a bad diet. Nutrition plays a huge role in achieving overall fitness. Knutson advises that food journaling is very helpful; it also holds you accountable in your daily reflection. Preparing meals in advance will also assist in making smarter decisions. Consult with a nutritionist, fitness trainer, or do personal research on what works best for you.


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