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I love my Polar heart monitor. When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar heart rate sensors are the go-to choice. They have two brands, the H10 and the H1 – both perform well and have great ratings. Best part? They connect and communicate smoothly for good heart rate readings on Precor equipment which is what we use at Koko FitClub Rapid City.


What to look for:

When you’re thinking about getting a heart rate monitor, think about how techy you want to get. Do you just want to track your heart rate? Do you want to track your sleep and oxygen levels, too? Do you need it to connect to your equipment or smartphone? These questions will help you determine not only which features to look for, but also which product you need with the capabilities.


My favorites:

The H1 Heart Rate Sensor is a slim sensor with a chest straps that comfortably attaches with a buckle in the back. It’s nice because it has little silicone dots that help it stay up during your most intense workouts, and doesn’t have interference from other devices.

PRICE: $59


The Polar H10 is a bit more intense, but the accuracy is second to none. This monitor can be faceted in a watch or across your chest with a strap. Either way, the monitor can connect with your smartphone, track sleep and activity, and will allow  you to set daily goals.

PRICE: $90-100


Other options:

If the Polar brand of heart monitors isn’t fitting what you are looking for, or you want to try something else to see if you like it, there are plenty of other reputable brands out there.


Garmin, Samsung, and Wahoo


Who should use a heart rate monitor?

Do you need a heart monitor? No, It’s not vital to your excise. But there are a lot of perks to them. These trackers are a great way to measure how hard you’re working – especially when you’re trying to find the right intensity to keep during your workout. Everyone falls into a different heart-rate category – and it’s all based on numerous factors like your genetics, fitness level, nutrition and environment.


Joggers, walkers, runners, cyclist, hikers, injury-rehab patients, and those trying to lose weight will benefit from tracking their fitness levels. A heart monitor will help you get there!


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