Equal parts westerner and midwesterner, I grew up playing soccer on the fields of Iowa
and California eventually earning my first college degree amidst the Sierra Nevada Mountains
on the northeast shore of Lake Tahoe. After a decade of working for a midwestern medical
school, Rapid City became my new home in 2013 to attend the SDSM&T geological
engineering program with the goal of starting a new career that could literally take me to the
furthest reaches of the globe.

Since living, working, and studying in South Dakota, trail running the beautiful Black
Hills while appreciating the amazing local geology has become a passion inspiring me not only
to develop myself, but to help others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. My approach to health
and fitness delves deeper than the body; I strive to find joy in whatever I pursue and develop a
courageous spirit that not only welcomes challenges, but deliberately seeks them out.

As a member of the Koko Fit Club team, my goal is to provide outstanding training
services to the entire Koko family through education, inspiration, and leadership. My approach
to health and fitness focuses on performing basic movements with correctness and efficiency,
then developing confidence through more sophisticated and challenging routines, and finally
teaching others to be as independent and inspirational as they want to be.




Koko FitClub integrates experience of top U.S. Trainers, local FitCoaches, and 25 years of fitness knowledge to custom build your workouts, combining advanced technology and exercise science to make the Smartraining system work for you.

Experience Rapid City’s premier fitness training studio for yourself. Let us help you get started. Click here to set up your appointment and ask us any questions you may have. Or, give us a call at 605-719-3359.

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