As you may know, there are many benefits of exercise. But do you know the benefits of a Koko workout?

Choose from personalized fitness plans, individual coaching, and simple meals plans; all provided by supportive FitCoaches in a stress-free gym scene.

For years Koko has been helping people reach their fitness goals in a safe, fast and effective manner.  Don’t take our word for it. Meet our member Kathy!

“Why I Koko”

-Kathy Keffeler


I’ve been with Rapid City’s Koko FitClub since the beginning in November 2011. I’m a loyal member for a lot of reasons:

I Koko because I enjoy the ease of the gym. I do not have to keep track of charts, repetitions, or exercises. I love that I can come in and just do my workout and the thinking is done for me. The routines vary so it never gets boring.

I Koko because I can come in and leave all the troubles of the day behind. I truly walk out feeling better than when I came in. It’s always nice to see a friendly coach that calls me by name and it’s nice to see friends there.

I Koko because I like to bicycle, kayak, shoot archery and ride snowmobiles. Koko gives me the strength to do these fun activities.

I Koko because my fit coaches help me achieve goals-even seemingly impossible ones – like summiting Mount Fuji in Japan. I would not have been successful without the help of my fit coaches, especially Michelle. Her continuing encouragement as I trained and support as I hit setbacks was an inspiration as I encountered obstacles on the mountain.

I Koko because I want the stamina to continue traveling the world.



Koko FitClub integrates experience of top U.S. Trainers, local FitCoaches, and 25 years of fitness knowledge to custom build your workouts, combining advanced technology and exercise science to make the Smartraining system work for you.

Experience Rapid City’s premier fitness training studio for yourself. Let us help you get started. Click here to set up your appointment and ask us any questions you may have. Or, give us a call at 605-719-3359.

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