As you may know, there are many benefits of exercise. But do you know the benefits of a Koko workout?

Choose from personalized fitness plans, individual coaching, and simple meals plans; all provided by supportive FitCoaches in a stress-free gym scene.

For years Koko has been helping people reach their fitness goals in a safe, fast and effective manner. ┬áDon’t take our word for it. Meet our member Cleon!


Why I Koko

– Cleon Diers


I really like how well the program is organized. For many years, 42 to be exact, I have worked out in gyms and on my own equipment. I had a tendency to get bored with the same strength building exercises I did session after session because I didn’t take the time to figure out how to vary my workouts. What I like about the Koko program is that it does all the planning for me. It varies my workouts each session and I don’t get bored. The Koko program has also shown me variations on some standard exercises I didn’t know existed.

Another feature of the Koko program I really like is its use of technology. When I started with Koko three years ago a number of my joints were quite painful, now I am 90% pain free. It has also helped me keep my chest up where it belongs.




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