As you may know, there are many benefits of exercise. But do you know the benefits of a Koko workout?

Choose from personalized fitness plans, individual coaching, and simple meals plans; all provided by supportive FitCoaches in a stress-free gym scene.

For years Koko has been helping people reach their fitness goals in a safe, fast and effective manner.  Don’t take our word for it. Meet our member Karen!


Why I Koko

– Karen Lipp


A little bit about you! What are you hobbies?

I am a 60+ member, married to my husband Ken for 45 years. We enjoy riding our motorcycles in the hills and also our bicycles on the bike path and an occasional hike. I also enjoy quilting and have made several quilts.

Has fitness always played a role in your life? What’s your fitness story?

I haven’t always been interested in fitness, only about the last 16 years. Before joining KoKo, when they very first opened here in Rapid City, I was a member of Curves and the Yoga studio. I really enjoy KoKo for the fact I can go anytime I want, it is quick and gives you a good workout.

What do you love about Koko? Why do you continue to Koko?

Last winter I never made it to KoKo much as my sister and I were dealing with our elderly mother and moving her into assisted living. She passed away in April and now I am back to KoKo and going strong!  Diane got me into the 21-Day Fat Burn Booster program which I am enjoying very much. I’m learning how to eat healthy again and working towards my goal of losing fat and gaining muscle.



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