Your goals are unique to you, and important to us! Whether you are new to fitness, or just starting over, our FitCoaches create a fitness solution specifically for your needs – any they do that with a little help from the Smartrainer.

First things first, what’s a Smartrainer?

The Smartrainer is the machine that will assist you in your strength program while at Koko! It has over 75 different exercises that can be done on just one machine. You’ll get a flash drive that will have 24 workouts loaded on it. The Smartrainer will show you, step-by-step how to execute anywhere from 10-12 different exercises during a 30 minute workout!

Before anything the Smartrainer is going to ask you 3 questions:

  • Your gender
  • Your age
  • Your weight

( How else is it going to get to know you? 😁)

Why does it ask you for those?

This is just another way Koko removes the “thinking” process for you. It will take that information and give you recommendations of what weights to use for every exercise. An extra step of customization.

So let’s start the exercise, right? Not so fast!

The Smartrainer will now show you how to prepare the machine for that specific exercise. Where to move the screen, how to position the chair, what to hook up! This is an important step, don’t automatically skip it. You want to make sure you have everything positioned properly to ensure that your form is correct to get the best results from your work out and avoid any injuries.

Now, let the sweat session begin.

Once you get your machine setup, it’s time to begin. The smartrainer will guide you starting with the weight. Following the blinking lights, if you do not have the correct weight there will be a red light, we want it to be green. If you have a blinking red light, take a look at your screen and adjust the weight to what the smartrainer suggests. From there it will give you a pace to follow. You’ll want to keep the green bar (you) in the blue box (recommended pace) during your reps.

Workout. Check!

You see the sweat marks you left on the machine? That means you worked hard and your hard work will pay off but no need to admire those forever – time to disinfect!

The cleanliness of a fitness center is commonly overlooked but not at our Club. We take pride in keeping our Club clean and eco-friendly. After every machine is used we wipe down the equipment with Norwex wipes which are scientifically proven to pick up 99% of bacteria when used with just water but we use it in conjunction with anti-viral 3-in-1 cleaner, Sol-U-Mel from Melaleacu. We also provide Clorox wipes in multiple areas of the club.

Interested in having the Smartrainer in the comfort of your home? That’s an option! If you’d like more information, message us and we will give you all the exciting details!

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