A workout can be incredibly rewarding, but we all have our favorite, go-to exercises. Here are a few of our FitCoach favorites for upper and lower body workouts you can add to your SmartTrainer routine.


Lunges – targets the hamstring muscle which is one of the weakest muscles in the body. Walking lunges are better than in place; add hand weights for more resistance.

Bridges – targets glutes and hamstrings. Lay on back, with knees in air. Lift bottom off the ground and contract the glute muscles. Hold in place or do multiple reps.

Squat jumps – targets glutes, quads, and calves

Kickbacks – targets upper glutes and hamstrings

Jumping jacks – works overall body



Bicep curls

Triceps pulldown

Arm raises (front and to the side) – works the shoulders

Crunches with ball


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